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Brand history

It all started many years ago, when I was a little girl. I kept playing with dolls and was very inspired by the beautiful dresses that my grandmother, after whom I was named, made. She was one of the best seamstresses of her time. What kind of dresses did she just…

And because she loved me so much, she had even made me cut-outs for the dolls cut out of newspaper. I had mini cuts on dresses, jumpsuits and skirts, even jackets. My dolls, as you can guess, were the best dressed dolls in the neighborhood.

Subsequently, life turned me around so that I became the doll that was dressed in boutique clothes made by popular designers. Little did I know at the time that I would soon give in to an impulse I had long harbored - namely to create high-quality, luxury clothing myself.

And just at the right moment, when I was ready to realize this idea - I met Neli Dinchovska. An absolute talent in making clothes. Her experience collided head-on with my growing enthusiasm to develop a fashion brand worn by successful, working women that would make them feel even more beautiful, elegant and attractive. This is how Ezaro's first "Code Boucle" collection was born. And after her and many others...

Years after my grandmother is no longer there to guide me, what she did then and today continues to inspire me to continue her work.

With love,

Jasmine Majid