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Article: Fashion trends for spring-summer 2019

Модните тенденции за пролет-лято 2019

Fashion trends for spring-summer 2019

With the first spring here and the impending rise in temperatures leading to long-awaited summer adventures, there is hardly a woman who does not think about refreshing her wardrobe. I dare say that just as fans of the series are holding their breath waiting for the final season of "Game of Thrones", so all the neat ladies are waiting for the results of the latest fashion trends that will be relevant in spring and summer of 2019.

In this line of thought, Ezzaro's spring-summer collection comes just in time to satisfy the needs and expectations of all ladies, including the most discerning tastes. In addition to the effort to offer a Bulgarian product at a world level, with special attention to absolutely every detail, built from quality Italian material, our perfectionism challenges us to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

While the majority of designers go on the "you do you" note, what what unites all of the guild is the search for an expression of female empowerment. The question of how they imagine the modern lady, what she wears and the image she projects has even become a hot political topic, especially overseas. But that's a whole other topic.

Let's do a quick review of what fashion lovers in Bulgaria can expect, or even already find available in the Ezzaro online store, in the coming months. We strive to create friendships, not just attract customers!

In the past 2018, designers, models and customers had the pleasure of experimenting with as many different trends as possible. Velvet dominated not only during the holidays, but also during the fall, spring and even summer. The expectations of some of the most authoritative and well-read style publications (for example are that this trend will continue, and for this reason we have prepared accordingly.

Velvet is one of the main fabrics in our spring-summer collection, but our female visitors can also enjoy a number of other fabrics such as jacquard, chiffon, neoprene lace and mesh.

It is appropriate to emphasize the butterfly textures , which are the pearl in the crown of our latest collection. As the world-famous American designer Naim Khan , who over the years has dressed celebrities such as the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama, Liza Minnelli, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Beyoncé, as well as royalty such as Kate Middleton and Noor Jordan, expressed: " The 90s are back again in spring 2019, and all the butterfly details from the catwalks are proof of that ."

Cosmopolitan editor Rachel Torgerson also paid due attention to the butterfly details in her article published earlier in the year on trends for spring 2019.

In other words, Bulgarian fashion lovers can keep up with the latest fashion trends, in extremely fresh and modern colors and shades, such as the outstanding Maldivian blue (blue-green), as well as, of course, the classic white, black, pink, grey.

The fringe jacket and cropped sleeve jacket are another essential part of Ezzaro's latest collection, and you lovely ladies can enjoy the rich abundance of stylish delights in our catalogue.


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