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Article: Chiquita fashion dog and Ezzaro collaboration

Рокля Ezzaro

Chiquita fashion dog and Ezzaro collaboration

On the occasion of their new collections, two innovative, Bulgarian brands - "Ezzaro" and "Chiquita fashion dog" came together in a joint project - the first of its kind legal in Bulgaria. The project is called #doglover and as the name implies it is inspired by both brands' love for animals and more specifically for man's four-legged best friend - the dog.

The colors, fabrics and prints of the two collections completely correspond, allowing a lady to walk or take her pet to a dog party ( "Chiquita fashion dog" organizes one on 02.06 at the "Windmills"), dressed completely in tune with him.

The range of new clothing models is fresh and playful - rose ash, Maldivian blue and sand gray with accents of classic white and black.

The "Ezzaro" collection is called 'It's show time', the name being a reference to one of the brand's slogans 'Every day is a page of your fashion story'. "Ezzaro" wants to remind that every day is a day for expression, for fun and for expressing what we carry inside us. And this expression happens not only through language and non-verbal communication, but also through the sense of self that gives us the right outfit - our 'screen shot' image for the day, because it speaks even before we utter a word and before we make a gesture.

The "Ezzaro" brand always strives to be innovative, recognizable and different, and most importantly - carrying a message. The collaboration between "Ezzaro" and "Chiquita fashion dog" carries the message of loving animals and especially dogs. On this occasion, three professional model dogs Chiquita, Grazia and Archie-Frank also take part in the photo shoot (selected shots from which you can see here). Apart from the fact that they are kind and loving creatures, it is clear from the footage that they can pose skillfully.

As part of the #doglover initiative, "Ezzaro" is launching a capsule collection of 6 T-shirt models with the original author's prints from the collaborative photo shoot.

Expect more new surprises from the brand soon.

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